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We are established nationally as the leading heat press machine supplier in Kenya. We offer the best variety of superior quality products sourced from all over the world. If you want to invest in the best heat press machine for professional or home use, then we are the company for you.

Why choose us?

Experience – we have been dealing with heat press machines for over a decade now and as such you can trust us to provide the very best. Experience is very important when buying a machine that you will depend on for your business. We will walk with you all the way to ensure you not only make the right choice but you also make the most of your investment. If you need spares or extra parts, we will be here to help you get them.

Specialty – every tried buying a heat press machine from a supermarket or an electronics shop? Ask one or two questions and you will quickly realize that the people handling you do not know what they are saying. When making this really important investment for your business, you need to have a partner you can trust on your corner.

You need a business that knows what they are talking about and that's where we come in. We only deal with heat press machines so you can be sure we are experts. We know which machines are the best and which ones to avoid. We can also help you choose the right machine to meet your needs.

We supply what we believe to be the best heat press machines in the market. Not all heat presses are made equal, some are only flashy and made to price not to quality. We work tirelessly every day studying and comparing upcoming products to ensure you get the very best.