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How it works

Heat Press Machine

A heat press machine, as the name suggests uses heat and pressure to apply images or text to different materials. The heat and pressure are applied on a material for a given period of time to get the desired results.

Here is how a heat press machine works;

  • Create the design you want to be printed using design software of your choice.
  • Print the design on the transfer paper.
  • Connect the heat press machine to the mains and set it up. Set the desired temperature and time required to imprint the design.
  • Ensure you are working in a space with good airflow.
  • An aluminum heating element heats up the panel after the machine is connected and put on. Ensure that the machine is open when it is heating up.
  • The transfer paper is placed on the panel in between the heating panel and the material. This paper transfers the graphics to the desired material. Ensure therefore that the paper is properly aligned and placed face down on the material.
  • During the period when the heat and pressure are being applied, the special ink used on the heat press machine is embedded on the surface being worked on forming the design.
  • Press the pressure or force knob to exert pressure on the surface and ensure that the graphic sticks on the surface permanently as required.

Heat press machines are available in different types including clamshell, swing-away, vacuum, and drawer types. However, the mode of operation for all of them is just the same and the only difference is how the machine opens up to deliver heat and pressure to the surface.

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