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Mug Printing Machine price in Kenya

Mug Printing Machine

People love personalized mugs. They make the simple act of taking tea of coffee turn into a more pleasant moment. Mug printing can be done at home for friends and family or at a business level. As such, the machine should be chosen meticulously to ensure it meets the desired needs. Also, expect the mug printing machine price in Kenya to vary depending on the capabilities of the machine you have.

There are certain factors that affect the mug printing machine price in Kenya. Here are some of them;

Versatility – some machines are only able to take mugs of online one size. They are not adjustable and therefore cannot handle mugs that are of different sizes. For a business, you might not get mugs that are the same size from your clients. As such, adjustability to cater for different mug sizes is a key feature to consider. Obviously machines with high adjustability cost more.

Temperature range – machines that reach a higher temperature setting are better than those that do not. It will take time for the machine to achieve the high temperature, but it makes your work so much easier because you do not have to keep re-heating the machine every now and then.

Time range – consequently, it is also important to have a machine that has a high timer range. A high time range allows you to set desired time to get the best results.

Capacity – most machines only allow you to work on one mug at a time. Such machines limit you significantly when you have large orders where more mugs with the same graphics are required. There are certain professional models available in the market that allow you to work with up to 12 mugs at a go.

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