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Screen Printing Machine price in Kenya

Screen Printing Machine

If you want to print t-shirts and other apparel then you need to invest in a screen printing machine. The screen printing machine price in Kenya, varies with the capabilities of the machine and whether it is designed for professional or DIY use. Professional screen printing machines come with more capabilities which of course makes them more expensive.

But you do not have to invest in an old school screen printing machine to do screen printing. Heat press machines have made the process of screen printing very easy and less wasteful. With a heat press machine, no screens are needed to produce the designs. The graphics are printed on a transfer paper and then a heat press machine is used to produce the final results.

A heat press screen printing machine ensures consistency of your orders because it is timed, the temperature is set to a recommended temperature for the material you are working with and the pressure is also set. As such, since the conditions are the same for all your items, then the quality of the finished product is consistent in all the items.

A heat press is also a great addition to any traditional screen printing studio. It can be used to fulfil small one time orders. For recurrent orders, you can create the screens and keep them to be reused later. However, with small sporadic orders, it is not worth it to create screens.

We stock high quality multifunctional heat press machines that can be used for screen printing. Just transfer your design to a transfer paper using screen printing ink and then put it on the apparel using a heat press machine. Screen printing has never been this easy. Plus, we offer the best screen printing machine prices in Kenya. Contact us to learn more.