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T shirt printing machine prices in Kenya

T Shirt Printing Machine
T Shirt Printing Machine
T Shirt Printing Machine

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Printing custom t-shirts is a lucrative business or side hustle in Kenya. Young people in Kenya want to wear custom t-shirts with images or texts that are original, unique, or personal to them. Custom t-shirts are also common during politics, for burials to honor loved ones, for business as uniform, and for marketing purposes. Uses for custom t-shirts are endless which makes investing in a t-shirt printing machine a worthwhile endeavour. So how about the t-shirt printing machine prices in Kenya?

Not all t-shirt printing machines are the same. Some are better quality than others and give you more control over the machine when working with it. As such, the t-shirt printing machine prices in Kenya vary from one brand or model to the other. You should therefore take the time to choose a machine that not only is within your budget but meets your needs.

What factors make a t-shirt printing machine worthwhile? Here are some of the factors to consider.

How many t-shirts can it print in an hour?

When choosing a t-shirt printing machine, you need to know how many t-shirts it can handle in an hour. A machine with a high volume is ideal for a business that gets a lot of orders and needs to fulfill them in a short while. For a small business or home use, it is not necessary to invest in such a machine if you do not need to print in large volumes.

How many types of materials can it handle?

Yes, you are buying a t-shirt printing machine but the more the machine can do for you the better for your business. Usually, the best t-shirt heat press machines can be used with many other materials like hoodies, caps, mousepads, bags and so much more. Besides handling different fabrics, the printing machine should also be able to work with other different materials. The best machine to invest in therefore is a multifunctional one with capabilities of printing on mugs, plates, and other materials.

To cater to different materials and items, the machine should have different extensions for ease of use. That is not all, a lot of control is required over the temperature and pressure of the machine. The more control you have over the machine, the more you should expect to pay for it.

What's the overall quality of the machine?

You can have a t-shirt printing machine that allows you to work on many t-shirts in an hour and work on different materials, but if the machine keeps failing it will not be any good for your business. It is imperative, therefore, that you consider the overall quality of the machine. The parts used should be of great quality and the machine must be well put together. Check the warranty information or the guarantees given to see whether a manufacturer is confident in their own product.

We are renowned suppliers of high-quality t-shirt printing machines in Kenya. Our products are sourced from the best manufacturers in the world. We are affordable and guarantee you the best t-shirt printing machine prices in Kenya. Contact us today to learn more.